Elegancia y lujo

Our luxury double decker

Horizon is the last double-deck coach model we have launched to the market, with a renawed  and attractive design that offers the maxiumum comfort on the road. It is equipped with the most advanced security supplies, being the first vehicle of its category to comply with the 66 anti-roll regulation. It is Ayats’ family’s source of pride.

Horizon substitutes the Eclipse model and is the new Ayats’s standard.

It has been redesigned to offer a unique experience to passangers and the crew, securing the maximum feeling of comfort. Since its inception, we have taken into acount all our passengers’ needs.


Información correspondiente al vehiculo integral (este vehiculo también está disponible con chasis Man y Scania)

Lenght Longitud: 14.35 m           Amplitud: 2.55 m           Altitud: 4 m
Passenger capacity 95 + T + C
Luggage capacity 11.5 m ³
 Fuel tank 675 L
 Additional equipment Carriage and toilet